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The Bestseller Guide to star performers from Robert Scott

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A guide to understanding what are the most popular hardware products that cleaners need and helps to answer the often-asked question “what are the best products to stock?”

With so many cleaning products now available in the janitorial industry, cleaning manufacturer Robert Scott has put together a new guide to help make it simpler to select the best products for the right cleaning area.

The Bestseller Guide is a 16-page downloadable brochure, which includes star performers listed by the cleaning areas of top (ceiling or high spaces), middle (surfaces) and bottom (floors). To complete the range they have also included a selection of washroom, waste and outside products.
“Most distributors now sell a wide range of janitorial products, including paper and chemicals to PPE and machines,” explained Sales Director Alastair Scott. “That’s a big stock of products for the sales team to get to grips with and sell effectively.”
“The Bestseller Guide makes it easy to understand what are the most popular hardware products that cleaners need for the right cleaning areas and so should be stocked. Many customers are already benefiting from using the new guide, and showing and sharing it with end-users.”

What the guide includes
These star performers from Robert Scott includes handy ‘Spanky’ High Level Cleaning tool for cleaning hard to reach corners and edges, and the innovative Cleano range for cleaning windows and indoor surfaces without the need for buckets or ladders. For middle level surfaces the guide features a broad range of cleaning cloths – including the new disposable Mi-Cloth – scourers and the popular Erase-All Sponge.

The guide also features a range of floor cleaning products including traditional mops and buckets, to increasingly popular microfibre kits, trolleys, washroom accessories and bins.

Alastair continued: “The guide makes product selection easy and quick, and ensures that resellers can be confident of stocking the right equipment needed for common cleaning routines.”

Customers can request a copy of the Bestseller Guide by email to or by contacting us here.