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At your service - introducing the Robert Scott Clean team

Friday, 25 May 2018

As one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning products, we are proud of our products, but we recognise it is our people who truly make the difference. With decades of combined expertise, our Clean team understands that every customer and end-user has a unique set of cleaning challenges. What we can do for you Each member of our dedicated team is on hand and ready to share their cleaning know-how by spending time with your customer - by your invite to an end user - to improve their cleaning regimes with advice on the best techniques and products.

The team then provides tailored on-site training, as well as advice with product demonstrations to improve satisfaction and make sure they get the right cleaning products to get the job done, all purchased through our distributors. Whatever the setting – from shopping centre to school or care home – our team is happy to spend time with your customer to ensure they are making the most of the products they use and get the best results.

Customers can book an appointment for a Clean team visit, training  session or product demonstration by clicking here.

Cleaning products that solve problems
The world of cleaning changes – more quickly than you’d think. And there’s many new and improved tools and methods that cleaners aren’t aware of in the fight against grime.

For instance, what are the best, modern cleaning products to replace more traditional mops and buckets? How can the importance of colour coding help in the segregation of products? How can cleaners reduce the risk of cross contamination? How can sites reduce the cost of disposables while considering more time-saving cleaning routines and still place the wellbeing of clients first?

From our experience from over 90 years of cleaning know-how we showcase the products we feel are best suited to keep Britain scrubbed up and dirt free, while squeezing the most out of your cleaning budget. The result is better cleaning practices, more hygienic spaces, lower rates of infection and an overall improved environment. That’s serious cleaning know-how from Robert Scott.

Skills tailored to your sector
Each member of the Clean team specialises in their own field, including healthcare and educational facilities, effective floor cleaning, facilities management, sustainable cleaning, professional linens, retail and wholesale.

Who are they?

Alastair Scott 
As sales director, and part of the founding family of the business, Alastair takes a keen interest in all aspects of the cleaning industry and is passionate about innovation. Product development and solutions to address the sustainability issues within the industry are his bread and butter! 

Chris Rowe
Chris is our retail, catering and food wholesale product specialist, helping customers create the optimum cleaning systems for their requirements and sector protocols.

Gill Ireson
Having been part of the team at Robert Scott for 26 years, Gill oversees key buyer groups and the team for the business and is committed to delivering outstanding service. Gill excels in customer training and her product knowledge is second to none.

Kelly Brierley
Kelly is one of our key account managers, specialising in healthcare and educational facilities. She can offer a wealth of knowledge on our range of microfibre systems and help guide your team on the benefits of microfibre and how to use it.

Pete Jones
Pete works across all customer sectors for Robert Scott, is the ‘go to’ man for anything cleaning and has an exceptional knowledge of the Irish market.

Ricky Clark
Rick brings with him extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry. He has worked as a sales and account manager for over 20 years, successfully building long term relationships with distributors.

Steve Courtney
Steve is our business development manager and product-lead for Toucan Eco, our new environmentally-friendly and sustainable disinfecting and cleaning system.

Tom Capper
Tom holds an extensive knowledge on the mop systems we offer customers, having started his career 13 years ago in the Robert Scott mop room, and provides recommendations and product training to teams of all sizes and levels of experience.

Tracy Kirkpatrick
Tracy looks after Scotland, Cumbria and Northern Ireland areas in sectors including care homes, schools, industrial, construction, catering & hospitality.

Find out more
Speak to your account manager to find out how you can benefit from the experience and skills provided by our team. That’s ‘serious cleaning know-how’ from Robert Scott’s Clean team.

To book a visit from the Clean team please click here, call 01457 819400 or email