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Innovation at the centre of cleaning development

Wednesday, 19 April 2023

The rate of innovation in the cleaning sector is rapid, driven by vast investment in research and development combined with a surge in demand for greater efficacy and modern solutions that reduce the environmental impact of everyday cleaning practices.

Innovations in cleaning technology have resulted in everything from robotic solutions helping automate the process of cleaning, to the use of ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. The Covid-19 pandemic naturally increased demand on the cleaning sector to deliver antibacterial solutions that could be deployed at scale, prompting additional R&D.

Robert Scott has been at the forefront of cleaning and hygiene innovations for decades, keeping the role of janitorial services current. During the pandemic, we looked at ways we could improve cleaners’ ways of working – automation, for example – as well as investing in new technologies that drive sustainable cleaning forward. A great example of this is the Toucan Eco cleaning system, which uses tap water, normal salt and an electrical charge to produce an antibacterial solution. The solution can be made on-demand and disposed of safely with waste water, reducing single use plastic consumption in the form of plastic bottles and preventing harm to waterways through chemical disposal.

One area of particular focus in recent years has been air quality – again, the pandemic forced this issue into the spotlight, but it remains a pertinent concern. Air purifiers have grown in popularity; our own Mini PowerZone and AirCare range has proven to be a success. It offers a chemical-free way to improve air quality, remove odours and germs, and disinfect air and surfaces. Using UVC light technology along with ozone and photoplasma disinfection, it kills airborne respiratory viruses, removes bad odours and destroys bacteria.

The AirCare range is designed for washrooms and hard to reach areas while the more powerful Mini PowerZone can be used in any space that requires a fast decontamination. We’re always keen to make sure products are multifunctional where possible to ensure the greatest value for money for customers – and the ranges are effective at removing odours, germs and other pollutants.

Odour removal remains a key trend as customers continue to demand freshness. Our Oxygen-Pro technology delivers continual fragrance into the air without the use of aerosols, reducing chemical consumption while creating a stream of fresh-smelling air. It uses a precision oil delivery system based on a fuel cell technology and projects fragrance from concentrated oil into the room. Because it doesn’t use aerosols, it’s free from CFCs, VOCs and propellants.
Oxygen-Pro is a great example of how innovation has delivered a solution that is reliable, long-lasting, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Sustainability and ESG are incredibly important to Robert Scott, and our customer insight shows that they’re just as important to our customer base. A huge 78 per cent of our customers told us that sustainability was very or somewhat important to their customers’ businesses. Meanwhile, 34 per cent said that they expected sustainability to be the biggest trend in cleaning in 2023 and 27 per cent said plastic waste reduction would be the dominant trend.

As these trends show no signs of slowing, Robert Scott will continue to invest in cleaning innovation that meets sustainability targets and helps our customers meet their own ESG goals. It’s important to us that we continue to be the manufacturer that leads the way in sustainable cleaning innovation and supports customers in their drive to find the products that will truly deliver on reducing their environmental impact.