Key considerations for enhancing your floorcare regime

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Floorcare is an integral part of cleaning regimes and remains a top priority for businesses and cleaning contractors, as part of the robust hygiene and infection control measures that came into place during the pandemic.

Covid-19 has changed public perceptions on cleanliness for good, increasing the pressure on companies to maintain faultless cleaning systems. When it comes to floorcare, there are a few advancements in technology that will help businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness of frequent cleaning regimes.

Increasing efficiency with microfibre systems Keeping floors clean is easier said than done, particularly in areas of high footfall where cleaning needs must be balanced with area interruptions.

The answer here is speed. If cleaners can manage floorcare jobs more efficiently without compromising on quality, not only can they move on to other aspects of their cleaning regime more quickly, but the area does not need to remain closed for as long.

An example of the cleaning technology that can be used here is a microfibre floor system such as Robert Scott’s Pro-mist or Microspeedy mop, and a pre-soaked microfibre trolley. Using pre-soaked microfibre minimises the use of water and chemical cleaning agent required and reduces the number of tools needed, ensuring staff have all the equipment they need with them to easily navigate areas where cleaning is required.

As these products require less water, floors dry more quickly and can be safely reopened for use in a shorter time. Once used, the microfibre pads can be easily laundered to reuse again, minimising waste from disposable products.

Using microfibre mops and flat mop pads means that these mops can lift 99% of germs without using any cleaning agent – they also have a static electric charge to capture dust. Microfibre is a fantastic fabric for floorcare systems as it’s even more absorbent that cotton and can hold up to seven times its weight in water, as well as being fast drying so it’s ideal for using with spot cleaning or quick response tasks.

Technology for multi-site contracts For businesses with a requirement for cleaning multiple sites, the Easy Wash is a new, compact flat mop system designed to make floor cleaning quick and easy across numerous areas.

This system improves hygiene and infection control measures with a touch-free mop holder, while also reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The striped, abrasive microfibre mop has a high capillary absorbency which ensures great floor coverage and effectiveness in removing dirt. The 15-litre capacity bucket is ergonomically designed, with a wide opening for easy filling, compact wringer, rear handle that helps emptying, and integrated hook that attaches the mop handle to the bucket.

Floorcare technology with sustainability Floorcare is a key driver in aiding cleaning sustainability — many floorcare products are designed for reuse and advancements in product technology mean that less water and fewer chemicals are needed to achieve an excellent clean.

As a business we’re prioritising sustainability in our product development to make it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Our Toucan Eco range, for example, uses an electric current to activate a solution of salt water to create an effective antibacterial disinfectant cleaner — proven to kill more than 99.99% of germs, including coronavirus.

The system can be easily adapted for use in floorcare, such as using the solution to pre-soak mop pads to help businesses achieve excellent cleaning results while reducing their environmental impact. The Toucan Eco system also reduced the requirement for up to 80% of chemical cleaning agents – reducing single-use plastic waste from the containers that chemicals are supplied in.