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Robert Scott expands its eco cleaning range

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Robert Scott has expanded its successful eco cleaning range with the addition of an air and surface purifier that uses UVC light to eliminate bacteria.

The cleaning product manufacturer and distributor has added the BSG AirCare to its range following overwhelming support for products that can help businesses reduce their environmental impact. Earlier this year, the organisation revealed that four in five of its customers said sustainability would be more important to their business in 2023.

The BSG AirCare is a powerful and environmentally friendly odour and germ control system that uses UVC light to treat airborne contaminants passing through the unit. It also produces purifying photoplasma to effectively remove germs and odours at source in any room, improving air quality and reducing organic matter both on surfaces and those which are airborne.

It has been shown to deliver a 70% reduction of micro-organisms in air and to destroy viruses including influenza, E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella, delivering a significant improvement in air quality.

Gavin Holmes, product development manager at Robert Scott, said: “The BSG AirCare is a fantastic product that delivers a chemical-free way to improve air quality, remove odours and germs, and disinfect air and surfaces in washrooms and workplaces. Sustainable cleaning is a clear and dominating trend for cleaning businesses. We’ve seen great success with our existing eco-friendly range – this is another positive step in bringing more innovative technology in this area to market.”

The range consists of the AC10 for small to medium spaces (10-20m3 and up to three sources), AC20 for medium spaces (20-30m3 and up to six sources), and AC30 for large spaces (30- 50m3 and up to eight sources). It can be used for fixed installations such as wall or ceiling and can be plugged-in or hardwired. As an automated and chemical-free product, it’s also maintenance free, with the only update required being the annual replacement of a UVC lamp.

The AirCare joins Robert Scott’s sustainable cleaning product range which includes Toucan Eco – an on-demand disinfectant made from tap water and ordinary salt.

Watch the Aircare video here.