Professional Lobby Dustpan & Brush

A professional quality tough plastic dustpan and brush set. The dustpan has a rubber lip designed to fit flush to the floor and collect waste more efficiently. The soft bristle brush can be clipped to the dustpan for easy storage when not in use. A dustpan squeegee is also available, designed for cleaning up food waste and liquids (sold separately).

Grouped product items
Code Product Name Size Case Qty Units
101055 Professional Lobby Dustpan 30x92x13cm 6x1 1
101042 Lobby Brush 30x8x90cm 6x1 6
101045 Professional Lobby Dustpan & Brush 30x92x13cm 6x1 1
101047 Universal Snap-on Clip for Lobby Brush 1x1 1
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