Supporting local charities by donating much needed disinfectant

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We’re delighted to be supporting a couple of Manchester-based charities by donating chemical-free disinfectant to help keep their premises hygienically clean during the fight against the coronavirus.

After contacting several local charities with the offer of providing a supply of sanitising solution made using our on-site Toucan Eco bio-cleaning system, two charities got back in touch.

Team members from L’Arche Manchester and The Booth Centre welcomed the donations at a time when cleaning is of the utmost importance for their residents and staff. Pete Johnson from L’Arche and the Hive Community Kitchen has been collecting the solution for both charities from Robert Scott and distributing to both sites

Nem Tomlinson, acting community leader at L’Arche Manchester, explained: “We are a small charity providing supported living for people with learning disabilities. Some of the people we support are quite medically fragile and so ensuring their houses are clean and sanitised, whilst remaining homely, is of huge importance to us.

“The product has been easy to use and has helped people feel reassured that our houses are really clean, which is so important in the current circumstances. We’re also really happy to be using a product that’s eco-friendly as that’s important to our values. The donation has given us peace of mind when we need it most.”

Kate McSweeney, operations manager at The Booth Centre, added: “Our cleaner thinks it’s a great product for cleaning and sanitising, and is very pleased that it’s also environmentally friendly.

"The donation is also helping us financially as a charity. At the moment, whilst we have ramped up the cleaning to an intensive level, we were spending over £100 a week on floor cleaner and sanitiser so the weekly donation means we can use that money for other urgent supplies.”

The Toucan Eco solution is a multi-surface disinfectant cleaner made from just water, salt and electricity that kills 99.999% of microorganisms, including viruses. It’s safe and environmentally-friendly, and replaces 80% of chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they are supplied in.

Alastair Scott, sales director at Robert Scott, added: “Everyone is pulling together in these challenging times and we want to help those in need working on the frontline in our local community.

“While we can only supply the solution for a limited weekly no-contact collection, we’re happy to be able to help provide a small relief to local organisations at a time when it’s needed to help with their own cleaning requirements.”

So far, we have supplied over 100 litres of disinfect solution to the two charities and will continue to do so while the pandemic continues.