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The museum that re-wrote its floorcare history with a new approach to training

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

In Summer 2019, Prime Industrial & Janitorial Supplies asked if we could provide product training to cleaners after a new floorcare cleaning system was introduced into the National Museum of Scotland.

The museum group, which welcomes over two million visitors annually, wanted to modernise its floor care regime, reduce chemical usage and create a more sustainable way to clean while impacting visitors as little as possible. Additionally, the museum wanted to offer a rapid response routine that uses minimal water for a faster dry time.

Alpha trolley and microfibre system
Due to the training and product advice that wet had previously given to the staff at Prime Industrial, their team were able to recommend a range of products to overhaul the museum’s cleaning regime, this included Robert Scott’s Alpha trolley and a microfibre flat mopping system that can be pre-soaked for ease of use.

The Alpha trolley provides smart, lockable storage that allows multiple products to be carried at once in compartmentalised sections, separating chemical and non-chemical products. The lockable feature is important in public areas to ensure products can be stored safely and securely. Additionally, the trolley folds to a compact size for easy storage.

Museum of Scotland

Product training 
Tracy Kirkpatrick, regional sales manager for Scotland, and Kelly Brierley, key account manager at Robert Scott, visited the Museum of Scotland to deliver training on its new products. Their aim was to inform the janitorial staff of the benefits of the new system and, most importantly, how best to use the new products to benefit both staff and visitors of the museum.

During training, staff were invited to test the new floorcare system, and provided positive feedback on the products. Specifically, the ergonomic design of the mop handle and pads made from microfibre, allowing staff to carry out effective, rapid response floor cleaning without the need for buckets or constant wringing out of mops.
Tracy Kirkpatrick explained: “Since implementing the new microfibre flat mopping system, The Museum of Scotland has benefitted from cutting costs on equipment, a reduction in chemicals and water usage, and happy staff who now have a set of ergonomic tools at their disposal.

Pre-soaked microfibre
“The approach to using pre-soaked microfibre was simple - it minimises the use of water and chemicals and reduces the number of tools needed, ensuring staff have all the equipment they need with them at all times. Staff fed back that this had dramatically reduced the number of daily trips they take to the cleaning cupboard and a water supply point.”
Bryan Cuthbert, site manager at National Museums Scotland added: “The microfibre system is more hygienic, better for the environment and has delivered excellent results on our floors.
“After positive feedback from our staff, we’ve since ordered more products and we look forward to working with Robert Scott more in the future. We appreciate the support and time offered to by Prime Industrial & Janitorial Supplies for Robert Scott to demonstrate the new products and methods of cleaning to our staff.”

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