Loowy: the toilet brush reinvented

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

We are delighted to launch a revolutionary cleaning tool that promises to be more than just a flash in the pan.

Loowy offers a new, more hygienic way to clean toilets replacing the traditional bristle brush with a clean and contemporary silicone waveform blade that’s antibacterial and water-repellent, delivering a spotless clean right up to the edge.

The silicone blade is designed to be swiped around the bowl, allowing the flexible blades to sweep across the surface and under the rim. Once finished, use one flush to allow the water to clear Loowy of any debris, then shake gently to remove excess water.

The silicone blade does not clog like a traditional brush and the water-repellent coating means there’s no dripping or excess water run-off. Loowy is ideal for washrooms where brushes aren’t left next to toilets as it can be easily moved around without unhygienic drips.It’s also quick-drying and is extremely durable, lasting far longer than a conventional toilet brush - saving money and reducing plastic waste.

Loowy is available to order in quantities of four and comes with a 2-year product guarantee. The Loowy is also available with the blade and holder in singles.

Click here to visit the product page, and to request a quote or place an order please get in touch.