Alpha trolley and microfibre systems

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Creating a healthier hospital environment with Robert Scott’s Alpha trolley and microfibre cleaning system

Kelly Brierley, key account manager at Robert Scott, talks about the correct use of trolley and short-pile microfibre systems for ward cleaning delivered as part of a training video filmed to help educate hospitals cleaners.

When it comes to trolley cleaning in hospitals, the same rules apply with any traditional vs. microfibre cleaning system in terms of using less water and chemical cleaning solutions. At Robert Scott, we’ve used our cleaning know-how to develop the Alpha Trolley – a smart, portable solution to be used with microfibre products to minimise risk of cross-contamination and provide a more efficient method of cleaning for end users.

With any trolley system, preparation is key. It’s important to ensure your microfibre cloths are folded and stored in rows to allow for even distribution of the chosen chemical cleaning agent, which should be applied a minimum of five minutes before you begin cleaning. In comparison to traditional cleaning cloths, microfibre must be used flat against the surface to ensure an effective lift and remove process due to the static tension that’s created by its ultra-fine fibres.

At Robert Scott we would always recommend that one cloth is used per bed space in hospitals. Folding the cloths before use provides users with eight clean sections to use on each cloth, so the risk of moving any bacteria from for example, the bedside table to the headboard, is greatly reduced. After use, the cloths can be deposited directly into the colour-coded laundry bag attached to the trolley with individual bags provided for cloths and mops as they should always be laundered separately.
The same methodology applies to the mop heads; the Alpha trolley has a compartment for storing the mops in rows so the cleaning agent can be applied directly and each mop can be detached into the corresponding laundry bag after use. We would advise using one mop per two beds in hospitals and up to where any area ends, for example a door frame or the end of a corridor.
One of the substantial benefits to microfibre cleaning systems is that the mops and cloths can be washed and re-used many times over. Independent tests commissioned by Robert Scott shows that our microfibre range has been proven to remove over 99.9% of dirt and bacteria while traditional systems often only remove 60%. Microfibre also removes dust completely leaving no cleaning films behind and therefore ensuring surfaces stay cleaner for longer. And finally, with hospital cleaning in mind, microfibre enables cleaning with a reduced need for noisy machinery such as vacuums and polishers.

As a company with over 90 years’ cleaning know-how we’re confident that cleaning with excessive amounts of water and chemical solutions belongs in the past. By introducing a microfibre cleaning regime to your healthcare facility, and ensuring users are trained correctly in its processes, we can guarantee not only a reduction in cross-contamination risk but also a reduction in excess water and cleaning solution usage, which will provide added benefit to the facility from an environmental impact standpoint.

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