Covid-19 Update

We are open for business and continue to supply trade customers with cleaning products, many of which are used for essential services including the NHS. However, deliveries may well take a day or two longer than normal, we are not currently opening new accounts and we do not supply to consumers.

Kentucky Mops

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  1. Big White Kentucky Mop
    Big White Kentucky Mop
    A lightweight, high performance mop made from highly absorbent strips of low-linting non-woven fabric, ideal for high traffic areas as floors dry faster after cleaning. Various weights available. Use with our Kentucky Fittings. Scratchback option available upon request. View Product
    5 Colours available
    3 Weight available
    Code Colour Weight Style Case Qty
    100869 Blue 150g Scratchback 50
    100869 Green 150g Scratchback 50
    100869 Red 150g Scratchback 50
    100869 Yellow 150g Scratchback 50
    100869 White 150g Scratchback 50
    100870 Blue 200g Scratchback 50
    100870 Green 200g Scratchback 50
    100870 Red 200g Scratchback 50
    100870 Yellow 200g Scratchback 50
    100870 White 200g Scratchback 50
    100871 Blue 250g Scratchback 50
    100871 Green 250g Scratchback 50
    100871 Red 250g Scratchback 50
    100871 Yellow 250g Scratchback 50
    100871 White 250g Scratchback 50
    100874 150g Sewn centre Kentucky 50
    100878 200g Sewn centre Kentucky 50
    100883 250g Sewn centre Kentucky 50
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  2. Scratchback Stayflat Kentucky Mop
    Scratchback Stayflat Kentucky Mop

    PY, Twine and Hygiemix yarn kentucky mops with an abrasive scratchback centre band for removing dirt whilst mopping. The stayflat band keeps the yarn flat on the floor, enabling the mop to cover a larger floor area, whilst the looped end yarn reduces linting and avoids the yarn tangling in use. White colour scratchback is standard, and also available with coloured scratchback.

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    5 Colours available
    2 Weight available
    Code Colour Weight Yarn Case Qty
    100992 Blue 340g PY 40
    100992 Green 340g PY 40
    100992 Red 340g PY 40
    100992 Yellow 340g PY 40
    100992 Natural 340g PY 40
    100993 Blue 450g PY 30
    100993 Green 450g PY 30
    100993 Red 450g PY 30
    100993 Yellow 450g PY 30
    100993 Natural 450g PY 30
    100857 Blue 340g Twine 40
    100857 Green 340g Twine 40
    100857 Red 340g Twine 40
    100857 Yellow 340g Twine 40
    100857 Natural 340g Twine 40
    103056 Blue 450g Hygiemix 10
    103056 Red 450g Hygiemix 10
    103056 Green 450g Hygiemix 10
    103056 Yellow 450g Hygiemix 10
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