Flexis Ferrzon+ Floor Pads

KGS Flexis pads are designed to be the ultimate in daily cleaning and polishing of virtually any hard floor without chemicals. Made with Ferrzon®+ microcrystal technology, they produce cleaner and shinier floors in less time. 

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Grouped product items
Code Colour Size Grade Case Qty
102549 Red 15" Coarse 2
102563 Blue 15" Medium 2
102556 Yellow 15" Fine 2
102578 Green 15" Very Fine 2
102570 Cream 15" Ultra Fine 2
102550 Red 16" Coarse 2
102564 Blue 16" Medium 2
102557 Yellow 16" Fine 2
102579 Green 16" Very Fine 2
102571 Cream 16" Ultra Fine 2
102551 Red 17" Coarse 2
102565 Blue 17" Medium 2
102558 Yellow 17" Fine 2
102580 Green 17" Very Fine 2
102572 Cream 17" Ultra Fine 2
102553 Red 20" Coarse 2
102567 Blue 20" Medium 2
102560 Yellow 20" Fine 2
102582 Green 20" Very Fine 2
102575 Cream 20" Ultra Fine 2
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Product description

Flexi pads are available in five grades of course, medium, fine, very fine and ultra-fine.

Red: coarse 400
The red pad is mainly used for heavy duty surface renovation. It is intended for deep cleaning and as a good starting point for the rest of the process. Used for rough, greasy or very dirty surfaces, or as a process starter and occasional use. 

Blue: medium 800
The blue pad can be used for deep cleaning and produces a light reflective finish, most popular in large industrial and commercial applications. Used for high traffic floors, occasional use for deep cleaning and daily for light gloss. 

Yellow: fine 1500
The yellow pad is intended for both daily polishing and cleaning producing a clear, reflective shine. For all floor maintenance, and and daily for medium gloss.

Green: very fine 3000
The green pad leaves a polish to your floor with the highest shine. Daily use will maintain and improve the polish. Used for the daily cleaning of all floors to a high gloss.

Cream: ultra fine 
The cream pad is used for buffing wet or dry giving the ultimate in 'wet look shine' for high gloss finishes. If it is used daily, in combination or without the green pad, it will maintain and improve the deep polish shine. 

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