Floor Cloths

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  1. Floor Cloths
    Floor Cloths

    A good, all-round floor cloth which has abrasive qualities to help tackle tougher stains. Easy to rinse, wash and reuse. Available in a range of weights and sizes. 

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    7 Sizes available
    Code Product Name Size Case Qty
    101023 Light Floor Cloth 48x35cm 2x100pk
    101028 Light Floor Cloth 48x40cm 2x100pk
    101033 Light Floor Cloth 48x45cm 2x100pk
    101073 Medium Floor Cloth 48x40cm 2x100pk
    101078 Medium Floor Cloth 48x45cm 2x100pk
    101084 Medium Floor Cloth 48x50cm 2x100pk
    100766 Heavy Floor Cloth 48x45cm 1x100pk
    100771 Heavy Floor Cloth 48x50cm 1x100pk
    100773 Heavy Floor Cloth 48x55cm 1x100pk
    100447 D P Floor Cloth 48x45cm 1x100pk
    100452 D P Floor Cloth 48x50cm 1x100pk
    100455 D P Floor Cloth 55x48cm 1x100pk
    100742 Herringbone Floor Cloth 56x45cm 1x100pk
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