Dry-up Pad

Clean up spilt liquids with the new Dry-up super absorbing disposable pad.

An innovative product changing the way you deal with liquid spillages forever, without the need for heavy mopping or wiping. The Dry-up pad replaces time consuming traditional methods, where liquids had to be soaked up, treated with chemicals and left to dry. Once used, it now only requires a quick wipe to remove any residual liquid. One Dry-up pad can absorb up to a litre of liquid, and the used pad can then be safely disposed of.

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Product description

The pad has three layers to remove spills quickly and hygienically. The bottom layer soaks up liquid, drawing it into the super-absorbent middle layer, which changes it into a gel and bonds it securely into the pad so it cannot leak back. The waterproof top layer stops anything leaking through and ensures the user does not come into contact with any unpleasant or hazardous spillages.

It’s ideal for a wide range of liquid spills including oils in kitchens or garages, water and other liquids, or even blood and urine in hospitals, though disposable gloves should always be used to prevent contamination.

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