Dishcloths 25g - 40g

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Lightweight Bleached Dishcloth 40x30cm
Item No. 100324
BOX 50X10
100324 6307101000 Box of 500 Call For Details Bleached Dishcloth 25g Lightweight 40x30cm 50x10pk
Lightweight Hygiene Colour Coded Dishcloth 40x30cm
Item No. 100741
BOX 200
100741 6307101000 Box of 200 Call For Details 25g Lightweight Yes 40x30cm 20x10pk
Medium weight Bleached Dishcloth 45x30cm
Item No. 100103
BOX 30X10
100103 6307101000 Box of 300 Call For Details Bleached Dishcloth 40g Medium 45x30cm 30x10pk

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