Taking cleaning seriously since 1925

Our mission is to help make the world’s workplaces easier to clean - with better and better products that don’t cost the earth.

Our story

Robert Scott is probably best known for making mops. Half a million of them every week to create a staggering 26 million a year. That’s more mops than any other manufacturer in the UK, but we're so much more than just that!

We’re also one of the largest designers, manufacturers, importers and stockists of cleaning products for the UK's professional janitorial market. We value quality at the right price, stock when you need it and, above all, excellent customer service. 

We design, manufacture and distribute products that help make cleaning workplaces easier. We stock more lines, in greater volume, than any of our competitors so you can always be sure that when it comes to any aspect of supplying cleaning equipment, you can rely on Robert Scott to have it covered.

Our products

We’re proud to offer the largest available range of products from any UK cleaning manufacturer. It's designed to keep pace with the very latest cleaning and hygiene innovations, regulations and rigours of the professional janitorial sector. And this includes everything from microfibre cloths and medical cleaning trolleys to rapid response cleaning systems and mops, all manufactured here in Lancashire or sourced from around the world.

Innovative, new products include the Duop Reach, Hi-absorb cloth, Toucan Eco, Flexis Ferrzon+ floor pads, rental linens, Cleano range, Mi-Cloth and much more.

Our vision

At least one Robert Scott product in every cleaning cupboard, in the Universe!

Our values

We’re all about quality, efficiency, loyalty, competitiveness and availability.

Quality underpins everything we do. That’s why we’re committed to supplying the best possible quality at every price point, backed up with remarkable customer service.

We’re continually improving efficiency to make our customers’ lives easier.

Loyalty means recognising both our long-standing customers and our amazing team.

Margins are tight and there’s a fine line between profit and loss, so competitiveness is essential.

Last but not least, we can’t supply what we don’t have, which is why we strive to make our availability the best in the business.

Our proposition

We’re all about having the cleaning products our customers need, at a fair price, in stock, and ready to deliver.

Our super friendly, seriously knowledgeable team don’t try to sell top-of-the-range products just to maximise order values. Rare in our industry; they’re not on commission, and miles more interested in sustainable relationships and practical solutions than hitting targets.

Product effectiveness does improve through our price points as you’d expect. But we focus on truly understanding customers’ unique janitorial needs and then recommend the right products for the job, at the best price possible.

If you need a Ford, we won’t try to sell you a Ferrari!

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