Technolite Squeegee

An ergonomically-designed plastic squeegee with an adjustable non-slip rubber grip for better user comfort. Available in four head widths for easy, smear-free cleaning on all windows. Replacement squeegee heads and handles available.
Grouped product items
Code Product Name Size Case Qty
101652 Technolite Squeegee Complete 25cm 10
101653 Technolite Squeegee Complete 35cm 10
101654 Technolite Squeegee Complete 45cm 10
101655 Technolite Squeegee Complete 55cm 10
101645 Technolite Channel & Rubber 25cm 25
101646 Technolite Channel & Rubber 35cm 25
101647 Technolite Channel & Rubber 45cm 25
101648 Technolite Channel & Rubber 55cm 25
101659 Technolite Handle Only 16cm 10
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