Structocart Carry All Trolley

A versatile trolley made from heavy duty plastic, with swivel casters at the front and fixed rear wheels, designed for easy manoeuvring. It has generous storage space for cleaning items, and comes complete with a 100 litre flame resistant waste bag. An optional lockbox for secure storage is available.
Grouped product items
Code Product Name Colour Size Case Qty
101332 Structocart Carry All Trolley 47x141x98cm 1
101331 Lockable Safebox For Structocart Yellow 41x30x30cm 1
103252 Structocart Vinyl Bag Yellow 100l 1
101334 Structocart Vinyl Bag Blue 100l 1
101330 Rear Wheel for Structocart 20x20cm 1
101325 Castor for Structocart 8x4x14cm 1
101328 Lock & Key for Safebox 1
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