1.5l Pump Up Pressure Sprayer

A range of handheld, polyethylene 1.5 litre pump-up sprayers with calibration markings for the accurate dilution of chemicals, along with an adjustable nozzle from jet to fine mist

The sprayers are colour coded based on liquids to be dispensed. Green sprayers are fitted with natural buna rubber (NBR) seals for non-aggressive liquids like water, blue are fitted with Viton seals for acid and chemical products, and grey with EPDM seals for alkaline or acetone liquids. Spare seal kits are also available.

To prolong the life of the sprayer thoroughly clean out after use.

Grouped product items
Code Product Name Colour Size Case Qty
102147 Pump Up Pressure Sprayer With NBR Seals Green 1.5l 4
102149 NBR Seal Kit 1
102177 Pump Up Pressure Sprayer With Viton Seals Blue 1.5l 4
102150 Viton Seal Kit 1
102078 Pump Up Pressure Sprayer With EPDM Seals Grey 1.5l 4
102148 EPDM Seal Kit 1
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