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Wet Floor Signs

Economy Dual Message Plastic Safety Sign

Perfect for providing warning of potential slip and trip hazards that might occur after floor cleaning or spills. These signs are easy to see in eye-catching bright yellow rigid plastic with vivid red/black graphics on either side. Folding A-frame requires no assembly, folds flat to store and transport on cleaning trolleys. Height: 62cm • Width: 30cm A unique plastic heavy duty sign which folds flat for easy carrying and transportation. Vivid bright yellow with eye-catching red and black signage printed both sides. • Height: 66cm • Width: 25cm
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Hanging 'Closed For Cleaning' Door Safety Sign

The essential spring loaded ‘Closed for Cleaning’ warning sign. Forms a perfect barrier to prevent unwanted entry whilst cleaning is in progress. Suitable for doorways in public areas, such as airports, stations, retail outlets, hotels, offices, education facilities and factories. Manufactured from strong, resilient but flexible materials for long-life and effortless use.
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Stackable Caution Cone

The new Stackable Cone with ‘CAUTION’ boldy printed on both sides. Made from Polypropylene, bright yellow colour.
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High Visibility Sign

Maximum visibility from this 94cm (37") easel-type floor sign with two-sided signage featuring trilingual English, Spanish, French ‘CAUTION WET FLOOR’ message. Bright yellow polypropylene construction with red/black signage. Accepts barrier chain (NWSLC6) or common barrier tape for connecting multiple signs and cordoning off an area.
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Multi-Lingual Safety Cones

Highly visible vivid yellow 4 sided cones to warn of slippery wet floors. Tough and durable weatherproof polypropylene for use both indoors and outdoors as required. Imprinted with industry standard wet floor sign with ‘CAUTION’ in 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch.
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Barrier System

Prevent unwanted entry with this folding barrier system. ‘No entry’ sign on both sides, comprises of x2 hinged panels which can fold out to maximum size or more compact to store away. Multiple sets of panels can be linked together with the provided clips to provide a larger barrier.
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Long Handled Door Stopper

Door Stop with Handle
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