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Incorporating the Contico Brand UTC - Universal Towel Company

Sponge Mops, Floor Scrubbers

Dry-Up pad

Clean-up of spilled liquids is revolutionised with the new Dry-up super-absorbing disposable pad. The multi-layered pad absorbs liquids in seconds and bonds it into the pad by converting it into a gelled substance. The triple-layer construction replaces traditional absorbent procedures which require chemicals or powders, wait time, broom/brush, and dust pan or bagging. This product is ideal for safely and quickly removing slip risk liquid spills from hard surfaces such as blood in hospitals, oils in kitchens, restaurants and garages, and urine in care homes. It replaces the traditional and time consuming methods.
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Combo Sponge Mop

Simple all in one solution to minor mopping requirements. Combines genuine cellulose sponge, roller wringer and handle. Easy to maintain and autoclavable.
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Standard Sponge Mop / Wonderdry Mop

Octopus Scrub Pad System

Octopus Edge & Floor Cleaning Tool: Cleans both floor and skirting edge. Rust-free plastic construction, impact resistant with swivel head and adjustable collar. The Octopus Tool fits the Abbey Hygiene and Aluminium handles, the Composite handle and the Ergo Globe
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Handi-Kit Cleaning Tool

Handi-Kit Cleaning Tool: Wall and surface cleaning tool, rust-free plastic holder, supplied with x3 pads.
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Handi-Scrub Cleaning Tool: Abrasive pads are permanently bonded to plastic handle.
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Maxi-Erase All

All the benefits of the hand-held Erase-All Sponge, now as a floor pad. Great for removing scuff marks from floors and skirting boards without the need to bend - efficient and ergonomic!
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Rotary Machine Floor Spin Bonnets

Soil Sorb: Non-aggressive looped yarn. Queen Carpet: Integral scrubbing strips, highly absorbent. Hard Floor: Picks up debris and polishes in one. Microfibre: High Performance, use wet or dry without chemicals.
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