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Incorporating the Contico Brand UTC - Universal Towel Company


Recycling Dolly Bins

Compact, slender and stylish. The Recycling Dolly System is an ideal fit for offices and reception areas. Available in 3 different recycling options; red, blue and yellow. The Recycling Dolly can be used as a single or linked together as multiples. The dolly features a side bolt that secures to the adjacent dolly ensuring they are kept safely together, and providing easy manoeuvrability.
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Wall Hugger Recycle Bin & Lids,

90 litre bin in a sleek, space-saving design. Moulded-in bag grip keeps your refuse sack secured around rim. Hand grips in base provide secure handling when lifting and dumping. Snug-fitting to Wall Hugger Bin, colour-coded with choice of either solid top, two holes or slot to encourage users to sort and dispose of their recyclables. Each lid complete with trilingual recyclable material ID labels to make sorting easy.
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ECO Waste Recycling Bins

The low cost solution for workplace waste recycling! Durable and easy-clean polypropylene with reinforced corners and edges. Snap-lock top easily removed for easy access to replace waste bag, lift lid design.
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