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Microfibre Trolleys

Rokleen Trolley Midi

Complete microfibre systems: Robert Scott & Sons have responded to the requirements in this difficult and demanding cleaning area. From listening and training we now have a core range of products and systems which help reduce cross contamination and maximise the cleaning standards that are now a requisite in any medical situation. We offer initial set-up training, and full microbiological test reports on efficacy are available on request. Rokleen Trolley Midi is made from shock proof heavy duty plastic but is also easy to manoeuvre. Compact in size for easy storage.
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Rokleen Trolley Maxi

Rokleen Trolley Maxi is made from a coated, stainless steel structure which is easy to clean and extremely light for manoeuvrability. This trolley has lots of storage space.
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Alpha Trolley

The Alpha Trolley has a lockable storage cupboard with 2 shelves and a tray. This trolley is easy to store away as it can be folded into a compact size enabling it to be stored in small spaces.
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