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Microfibre Cloths

Contract Microfibre Cloth

A quality microfibre cleaning cloth which represents value for money. Excellent fibre split for effective microfibre cleaning, can be washed repeatedly.
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Exel® Supercloth - Medium Duty Microfibre Cloths

Durable knitted textile cloths, excellent absorbency and spillage pick up, cleans away dirt quickly and easily. Choice of 4 colours.
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Heavy Duty Microtex Microfibre Cloths

Immense absorption and dirt removing capacity, for repeated cleaning and spillage pick up. Good hand bulk for the user, easy to wring out.
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Microglass Cloth

A microfibre cloth that is specifically designed for smear-free glass cleaning. Can be used dry as a dusting cloth.
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Mi-Cloth microfibre pack and roll

A new low cost disposable cloth range with all of the benefits of microfibre. An effective cleaning cloth designed to be disposed of after use to prevent cross contamination, removing the need for laundry or chemicals.
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Hi-Shine Microfibre Cloths

A thick, semi disposable microfibre cloth which is good for cleaning, wiping and drying. This cloth performs well for smear-free cleaning such as glass, stainless steal or shiny surfaces. Highly absorbent, and dries quickly after use. Colour coded and machine washable.
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Microfibre T9 Finishing Cloths

For a smear-free finish especially on glass and reflective surfaces. Light in weight and bulk yet durable and absorbent. Choice of 4 colours, Non-woven, lint-free.
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