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Incorporating the Contico Brand UTC - Universal Towel Company

Microfibre Cleaning

Microfibre Long Pile Mop

Standard Microfibre Mophead

Scrub Microfibre Mop

T9 Microfibre Mop

Dry mop picks up dirt and grime using electrostatic force without releasing anything onto the floor as normal pre-impregnated mops do. Non-woven, 100% polyester. W: 45cm (13") D: 12cm (4")
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T9 Holder

Use with T9 Microfibre Mop
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DISDRY Dry disposable mop T9

A disposable microfibre mop, ideal for hygiene sensitive areas, especially in healthcare, hospitals and food preparation.
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Use on dry and damp disposable mops between frame and mop to create a strong flat mopping surface.
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Telescopic Handle - With and Without Cone Fitting

High Level Cleaning Tool

High Level Cleaning Tool
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Laundry Nets & Preparation Jug

Baggy Sweeping Set

Used in combination with innovative and jointed rubber blade Light, movable, easy to clean 'use and dispose' Baggy gaurantees quick and, at the same time hygienic cleaning
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