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Incorporating the Contico Brand UTC - Universal Towel Company

Laundry Bags

Kit Bag Style With Drawstring & Fixlock Closure

A kit bag with classical drawstring and fixlock closure. 100% polyester fabric suitable for industrial processing. Standard bag available in blue, green, red, white and yellow.
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Kit Bag Style Laundry Bag with EZ Lock Closure™

A kit bag with this simple but effective closure method allows ease of packing and handling. 100% polyester fabric suitable for industrial processing. Only available in blue.
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Laundry Bag Hamper Style

Designed to meet the needs of the textile industry, this robust 100% polyester bag is available as standard with the trio ladder lock up straps closure. Other closure options are available to meet customers individual needs. Standard bags are available in blue, red, green, yellow, orange and white. Hamper trolleys also available.
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Laundry Net Bags

100% polyester net bag. Allows product segregation and protection in industrial washing and processing machines. Available in various colours and sizes.
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Bespoke Laundry Bag Printing Service

Have your laundry bag printed with your logo for easy identification. Bespoke branded bags are offered in a range of colours and designs to suit customer requirements. We have the facility to print your brand and make laundry bags. Ask your sales advisor for details.
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