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Incorporating the Contico Brand UTC - Universal Towel Company

Dust Control

Dust Beaters - Colour Coded

Lightweight, efficient and easy to use. Dust control sweepers with ‘break frame’ colour coded acrylic sweeper heads and aluminium handle.
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Dust Beater Duster

Complete with 1 metre aluminium pole, swivel head and removable synthetic sweeper head. Replacement head available. Attracts and holds dust without the need for chemical treatment. Handle will accept telescopic handles for high level cleaning.
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Dust Beater Dust Maid

Hand held general purpose dusting tool, V-shape washable fringe makes it ideal for dusting pipes and blinds. Handle also fits onto pole for high dusting.
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Dry Dusting Forshaga Mop System

A superb mop frame system... the dust strip fibres attract dust for maximum dry dusting/mopping effectiveness. Alloy Mop Frame - rust resistant alloy, lightweight with screw handle fitting and clips to secure dust strip. 55cm (22") Spare clips available. Forshaga Hygienemop Dust Strip Mop Roll - high performance single use disposable dust strips - 100 per roll Aluminium Handle - strong and lightweight with long comfort grip. 1410mm
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