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Microfibre Systems

Bucket-Free Velcro Mopping System

Microtex Mopping System

No bucket, less water, no spills , no trips! For ‘spot cleaning’ - no bucket required. Fantastic and easy to use on non-slip or wooden floors. Velcro microfibre mops are easy to remove and are washable. Use the scrub mop or fastnet sponge for more abrasive cleaning. The multi angled holder makes hard-to-reach areas easy to clean.
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Damp Microfibre Mopping

Microspeedy Microfibre System

A complete flat mopping system with a superb professional quality folding ‘break-frame' that’s impact-resistant and highly durable. Designed for use with 40cm flat mop heads with easy to use ‘eyelet & flap’ fittings, combined with aluminium handles and 20 litre King Speedy mopping combo bucket.
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Non Microfibre Flat Mops

Non microfribre flat mops, with both ears and pockets, can also be used with the Speedy Flat Mopping system.
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Disposable Microfibre Mopping

Dry And Damp Mops

Dry and damp single use mops are disposed of after use so that no germs or pores are left after mopping. Ideal for hygiene sensitive areas, especially in healthcare, hospitals and food preparation. Cost effective and versatile this 2-step system lets you use both dry and damp mops with the same dispad, frame and handle. A single mop can clean up to 25m.
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Microfibre Cleaning

Microfibre Long Pile Mop

Standard Microfibre Mophead

Scrub Microfibre Mop

Mi-Mop microfibre disposable pads

Mi-Mop is a new, disposable flat mop pad with all of the cleaning power of microfibre. It’s great for general floor cleaning using a break frame flat mop, but excels in tasks where preventing cross contamination is of utmost importance – such as hospitals – or where laundry facilities aren’t available or used. The Mi-Mop is compatible with the Uniko clip-frame and standard brake-frame flat mop systems.
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T9 Microfibre Mop

Dry mop picks up dirt and grime using electrostatic force without releasing anything onto the floor as normal pre-impregnated mops do. Non-woven, 100% polyester. W: 45cm (13") D: 12cm (4")
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T9 Holder

Use with T9 Microfibre Mop
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DISDRY Dry disposable mop T9

A disposable microfibre mop, ideal for hygiene sensitive areas, especially in healthcare, hospitals and food preparation.
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Use on dry and damp disposable mops between frame and mop to create a strong flat mopping surface.
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Telescopic Handle - With and Without Cone Fitting

Laundry Nets & Preparation Jug

High Level Cleaning Tool

High Level Cleaning Tool
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Baggy Sweeping Set

Used in combination with innovative and jointed rubber blade Light, movable, easy to clean 'use and dispose' Baggy gaurantees quick and, at the same time hygienic cleaning
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Microfibre Trolleys

Rokleen Trolley Midi

Complete microfibre systems: Robert Scott & Sons have responded to the requirements in this difficult and demanding cleaning area. From listening and training we now have a core range of products and systems which help reduce cross contamination and maximise the cleaning standards that are now a requisite in any medical situation. We offer initial set-up training, and full microbiological test reports on efficacy are available on request. Rokleen Trolley Midi is made from shock proof heavy duty plastic but is also easy to manoeuvre. Compact in size for easy storage.
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Rokleen Trolley Maxi

Rokleen Trolley Maxi is made from a coated, stainless steel structure which is easy to clean and extremely light for manoeuvrability. This trolley has lots of storage space.
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Alpha Trolley

The Alpha Trolley has a lockable storage cupboard with 2 shelves and a tray. This trolley is easy to store away as it can be folded into a compact size enabling it to be stored in small spaces.
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Stream Rapid Response Mopping

Stream 2

Double Sided Mopping System - Double side Microfibre flat mop - more area cleaned with one mop saving time, reducing laundry costs and halving stock. Unique magnetic mop head allows mop to be changed without the user touching dirty mops. Equipped with a holdall that can be used to store and carry new & used mops, spare handle and cleaning accessories
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