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Food Service Sponges & Scourers


Flat Griddle Cleaning - screen, pad & holders

Griddle Screen SU14SG for light griddle cleaning or for use after using GrillBrik®. For best effect use the Griddle Screen with a Griddle Pad. Griddle should be 100°c or less. The Griddle Pad allows the particles from the griddle to soak up through the Griddle Screen keeping the screen from clogging. Griddle Pad holders available to protect hands from grease and burns. Griddle Pad SU1410 one of the best pads on the market for light griddle cleaning and polishing due to heat-resistant resins. When used alone on a warm griddle, this pad will do light cleaning and polish the griddle surface to bring back the shine. Griddle Pad Holder MHDB01 uniquely different, manufactured from high heat-resistant plastic to protect hands from grease and burns. The gripping ‘teeth’ hold the Griddle Pad firmly in place. Griddle Pad/Screen Holder MHDBS1 designed with a metal textured base to grip pad with a plastic handle to protect hands from burns. It is designed for use only with a Griddle Pad and a Griddle Screen for effective cleaning.
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GrilBrik® Flat Griddle Cleaner

The leading food service grade flat griddle cleaning brick. Use safely on hot griddles without scratching or removing griddle surface cure. Film cover wrap acts as the holder.
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Industrial Soap Filled Pads

Fine steel wool formed into a large industrial size soap impregnated pad. Dissolves stubborn grease and lifts-off burnt-on food particles, (not recommended for plastics or china)
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Catering Service & Multi-Purpose Cart & Ingredient Bin

Easy-care, easy-clean with two handles either end to allow easy steering. High-density structural plastic and engineered aluminium.
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Butchers Apron

Traditional cotton butchers style aprons, available in red, white and blue. With ties at the back and front pockets. Machine washable.
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Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Caterer’s Green Scourers

Caterer’s Sponge Scourers

Finger Grip Scourers

Galvanised Tuffguy Scourer / Zincote Scourer

Ideal for grill pans and BBQ’s, removes burnt on stains with ease. Available in medium and large size.
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Stainless Steel Scourer

A good all-round scourer for all catering applications.
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Coppercote Scourer

Copper reduces the risk of scratching more delicate surfaces.
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Erase-All Sponge

Quick results with minimum effort - No need for chemicals just wet and wipe! The Erase-All is a multi surface cleaning sponge which removes stubborn stains from most surfaces.
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Fastnet Sponge

A sponge which is covered in an abrasive material designed for tackling hard dirt and stains in bathrooms, kitchens etc.
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Sponge Cloth

Utility Sponge

A pack of 5 100% cellulose sponges, ideal for personal or domestic use.
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Jumbo Car Sponge

A generous size sponge, individually bagged.
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Back To Basics

Back to basics caterers scourer.
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